Does The Book of Boba Fett Mark a Change in Leadership – In Lucasfilm?

There is no question that Disney’s latest Star Wars series is confusing for fans of the legendary bounty hunter. We expected a cold hearted, calculated killer and instead were thrust into a mid-life crisis for our less than lethal protagonist. 

It’s not just the directorial or visual effects in the first three episodes that were disappointing. Or the pacing. Or the acting. It’s just not Boba Fett. We’ve come to trust Favreau’s ability in spinning a story, so things just aren’t adding up. These film makers know what they’re doing, so all indicate there may be behind the scenes issues that we just don’t have access to. Rumors already abound; power struggles, civil war and politics galore, etc. from inside of LucasFilm. Whatever is going on, it’s hard to believe that that this is the same team that’s been responsible for some of the best ‘Star Wars’ storytelling since Disney acquired the IP. 

Theory One: Those fans who feel that the Star Wars direction needs to course correct may be seeing it happen in real time. / 01.29.74

We feel the disjointed quality from the first 3 episodes to the amazing return of Din Djarin in the 5th mirrors the change in management structure that was happening behind the scenes. Timelines must have been adjusted, rushed even. Budgets reallocated for the second half of the season, leaving little money and story depth for the first 3 episodes. How else could you explain the laughable speeder chase? The poor dialogue and lack of visible growth in Fett’s journey? Time was on the side for the second half due to, well, more time. And only time will tell as we cautiously wait on the remaining 2 episodes. Are we going to see a real return of the most lethal bounty hunter in the galaxy? Or will he continue to read from a Disney script influenced by activist administrative wannabes who know nothing about the character, much less why we as fans love him.

Watch closely over the next few episodes. We think they’ll address Boba Fett’s lethargic approach to assuming control of the territory. They’ll do this through pacing and action sequences that will be starkly different than the first half of the series. 

Theory Two: The bacta tank sequences were there to suggest his actions needed to be more cerebral and strategic due to ailing health. He’s a newly healed man, and he’s already established the groundworks and allies needed to pull it off. The next 2 episodes should be hardcore Fett, back in action and living up to his legend, saving the best for last. / 01.29.74

Balls in your court, Disney. But if you expect Obi Wan or any of your other future shows to perform then you better get your Mouse House in order. We’re watching. But we don’t have to if this is the best you can do. 

Final Theory: Fett is going to ride a rancor into town leading an army of Tusken Raiders into the Pike’s bases and change the face of Tatooine as we know it. Other bounty hunter’s will join him, specifically those from Episode V. 

geek’d / 01.29.74

With just a few episodes left, we’ll see just how much Boba Fett actually is allowed to show up to his own show, and if there is a correlation between the lackluster first 3 episodes and the shifting management structure that has rumored to be occurring. The proof will be in the next episodes, as new directors are added and Filoni gets in the mix a bit more. Maybe this disjointed series just represents the changing of the guard, and if so, the quality of the second half will tell the tale.

What do you think?

Written by tojocreative

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