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Rogue One Trailer is Alarmingly Good

The teaser trailer for the new Star Wars anthology film Rogue One was released on Thursday, and it makes me want to dust off the old Nintendo Gamecube and play some of the game Rogue Leader. If you’ve played it before, you’ll know what I mean. Yes, Rogue Leader is still more fun to play than the new Battlefront.

This teaser trailer is just how I like them to be, brief, suspenseful, and enigmatic. We don’t need anymore four minute trailers like we see with all the Avenger movies.
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It does have a bit of that blaring boom sound throughout it like in the Inception trailer–and one hundred trailers since then–but the Imperial alarm sets the pace for the trailer. It sets the theme for the conflict that we will get to see. It makes it look like a darker Star Wars film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is called tone, and consistent tone is better than ambiguous tone, as we saw with The Empire Strikes Back vs Revenge of The Sith.

You’ve all hopefully seen it a few times by now as I have, and the more I watch it, the more I like it. My initial thoughts about the girl who seems to be the main character was that she looked a little too baby-faced and poker-faced, but we will see. All the other characters look interesting including the young Mon Mothma. Let’s hope they pick as good a look-alike as her for the new Han Solo movie that will be coming out.
Speaking of poker-faced though, I would pay big bucks to see a Star Wars movie with Jordan Schlansky from Conan in it. That would be the funniest cameo ever. Disney owes it to him for having his Lego Millennium Falcon destroyed.

The new cast in this movie looks quite diverse. You will not hear me complain about there being no young white males cast, though I am one. What’s cool is that it will have no Jedi in it.

When I think about what is central to this story, the plot holes in the Force Awakens may weigh on this movie. It took less than an hour to destroy Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens, but the first Death Star takes two movies to blow up with the sacrifice of several Rebellion fighters. That’s more engaging.

It’s supposed to take place before and during the events of A New Hope. My new hope is that they bring back Grand Moff Tarkin in some way, but who could replace the menacing skill of Peter Cushing? There is talk about doing Tarkin as a CGI character.
As I said in a previous post about the announcement of this movie, the whole endeavor of steeling the plans for the Death Star would have been thwarted if R2-D2’s escape-pod had been destroyed like it should have been. That’s kind of nutty. Lucky Rebellion

Rogue One seems like it will have less hype than we are used to seeing with the release of a new Star Wars movie. After the Force Awakens, I think people have taken their expectations down a notch. That is good, but I am still excited for Rogue One.

It’s an unfamiliar feeling being able to get a new Star Wars movie one year after the other. We used to have to wait three years. Who wants to wait as opposed to keep the momentum going?

Rogue One will be released December 16 2016

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