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J.J. Gave Us What We Wanted

It’s been a few months since the release of The Force Awakens, and the movie will soon be available for digital download on April 1st 2016, no fooling. There are going to be a few special behind the scenes features and deleted scenes available, which will be exciting to see. I am going to enjoy analyzing it and looking for Easter Eggs. Did the Force Awakens live up to my expectations? I hate to say this, but it did not. Unfortunately the hype that I was buying into were some of the tweets that Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) was making. One of them namely being how this installment we’ve been waiting for was going to be our new favorite. Wow

Sorry to break it to you Daniels, but the Force Awakens didn’t match or exceed the sheer fun and mystery of the Empire Strikes Back. Shame on me for believing it might. I still had a lot of fun, and appreciated it more the second time I saw it. This tweet by Daniels however, is one of the things that put my expectations trough the roof.

I had read a few spoilery details about the movie shortly before it came out, like how Luke was missing and considered a myth to some; and how The Force Awakens had a lot of similarities to A New Hope. The problem with the movie however, is that it did give the fans exactly what they were asking for, and in retrospect, fans were not asking for much.

There is a video that came out on YouTube shortly after it was announced that J.J. Abrams was going to take the writing and directing helm, called Dear J.J. Abrams: 4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again. It mentions how Star Wars is supposed to take place in a dusty lived-in galactic frontier, not the city or parliament. Star Wars is a western, where not everything is explained to us (midicholians), and gangs are out to collect their debts. There are no silly Jar Jars, and Han Solo always shoots first; that’s a big deal.

Dear J.J Abrams was a well made little clip. Perhaps J.J. actually saw the clip before production. We just wanted him to know that this new Star Wars should be like the old Star Wars, and that he shouldn’t mess it up with anything crazy. We wanted to give him anxiety to not mess this up with anything new or overly political, because people don’t like that. Look at how much we fans harp on the Prequels.

With those things in mind, the reason that the Force Awakens comes off as unoriginal, flat, and safe, is because of us. We didn’t ask for originality and depth. We are Star Wars fans, and we know what we have liked. We got a high production fan film reboot of a New Hope. So stop whining, because it’s all you asked for (and what Harrison Ford asked for).

The way that Han Solo went out weighs on his overall character and any likability of Kylo Ren. He’s already not as cool as Darth Vader.

The casting and performances from the actors old and new could have been better. BB-8 stole the show. There aren’t any other characters I’m really excited to see more of, except for Rey and Luke. I hope that we get to see Lando make a come back as well.

I am expecting the next installment to be better. I am excited for new Star Wars buzz, but my expectations will be much more throttled. I still love Star Wars.

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