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Things I Want to See In The Force Awakens

Some of the things I wan’t seen are a given to any new Star Wars movie. But If most of these requests aren’t there, I’ll have to no longer be a Star Wars fan. Maybe

1. I want to see Chewbacca pulling someone’s arms out of their sockets.

2. I want to see Admiral Akbar make a new famous line that we can quote.

3. I want to see the storm-troopers get a head shot on someone.

4. I want to see the Villain do something ruthless that makes us hate him.

5. Mystery


6. I want to see that the force is powerful but can’t do everything.

7. I want to see a lightsaber showdown at the end. It needs to be something built up to.

8. I want to see tension and a little bit of sarcasm.

9. I want to see the heroes wing it while they’re in deep trouble.

10. I want to hear a cheesy line that we can make fun of like, “I was going to go down to Tashi Station to pick up some power converters.”

I have a feeling that the movie will satisfy my wants, which aren’t too much to ask for.

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