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Luke is not Kylo Ren!

Since the final trailer for the Force Awakens has arrived, everyone has been asking, where is Luke? Has he turned to the Dark Side?

I think Abrams is getting a kick out of teasing us, and doesn’t want to give too many sneak peaks of everything that is going to be in the movie. I am enjoying how much mystery there is so far. Many are asking and theorizing that Luke has fallen to that dark side and that Luke is behind Kylo Ren’s mask. Nick Romano of CinemaBlend, writes,

The theory is that Kylo Ren, the new ‘totally not a Sith’ bad guy with the cross-guard lightsaber, is actually Skywalker, who’s now fighting for the Dark Side, I know, it sounds a little crazy, but fans have been finding evidence to support it — the least of which is that it sounds like something Abrams would do.

This would be interesting, but I have no doubt that Luke is not Kylo Ren. You can see Kylo’s black hair in the final frames of the trailer. That hair belongs to actor Adam Driver. Luke would not turn to the dark side. He said he never would in Return Of The Jedi, we are supposed to like him. It’s fun to wonder where he is though.

I think that Abrams will make us really like the new heroes and dislike the villains in this one. Something the prequels missed. We are going to see the villains do ruthless things and want the heroes to find a way to fight back. This is a true good versus evil, and it’s going to be great to see this holiday.


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