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Force Awakens Ad in Korea Alludes to Familiar Looking Dictatorship

A new TV ad released in South Korea by Lucasfilm gives us a fantastic wide shot from a different vantage point of The First Order, the new name of what was formerly The Empire. Is it a coincidence that the Country in which the TV spot was released neighbors a Country with a similar looking Military Dictatorship? We’re looking at you Kim Jong Un.

We’ve seen what governments who are dead set on world domination looks like. This is what a government dead set on galactic domination must look like. The First Order may need a few more recruits.

It’s great to see fantasy and mythology based on evils that we have seen and continue to see in the world. It makes it more relevant and relatable. As long as it doesn’t hit us over the head with a condescending message, fantasy can teach us warnings about evil that we remember.

I’ve also had a huge fascination with World War Two and how it affected so many people. And how the masses can fall for leaders that fool them into acting against their own self interest.

Above is a photo of Adolf Hitler taken in 1938 looking over the poor German people many of whom are going to die for his ego. Both images have a supreme leader and his top generals standing beside him. Both leaders must think that attaining absolute domination will be a cake walk. We’ll see how that turns out for the First Order in these next few films.




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