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Don’t Worry Star Wars Episode Nine Will Be Great

It was announced recently that director of Jurassic World, Colin Trevorrow has been picked to direct Star Wars Episode Nine.

This has come as a disappointing surprise to some Star Wars fans who were not enamored with how Jurassic World turned out. I disagree with them.

Yes, Jurassic World was not a memorable movie, and some of the acting was cringe worthy. However, there is nothing to worry about in regards to the upcoming Star Wars film and I will explain why.

 1. Colin Trevorrow is replacing one man’s job on a crew of 6,000 plus people who will have worked on Episode Seven, and Eight. 

The problem with the prequels was the George Lucas had too much control over the films. No one dared question creative abilities, and the prequels turned out to be a cluster cuss of movies that didn’t make much sense. The good thing is that Episode Nine will have the same crew of producers form Episode Eight and Nine that will make sure the movie isn’t stupid.

2. Colin Trevorrow is not writing the screenplay for Episode Nine, Lawarence Kasdan is. 

Lawrence Kasdan wrote the screenplay for the Empire Strikes back, Return Of The Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and The Force Awakens. Enough said. The story will work, and that’s what matters.

3. J.J. Abrams will be the executive producer.

Abrams executive produced Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and it turned out to be a great flick. He will be there to ad some great lens flairs and mystery boxes.

4. Jurassic World had a poor plot thanks to the writing, but had a great look and some funny humor thanks to the director. 

Jurassic world has some great visual effects. CGI is always a good thing if it is done right and doesn’t look corny. Jurassic World made me want to be a Raptor whisperer.

5. The only product placement that will be in Episode Nine is Star Wars merchandise.

Jurassic World was saturated with product placement. It was so obvious. But all Star Wars can have in it as far as product placement is Toys. Sounds good to me. We have all bought some in our lifetime and should continue to do so.

So there is reason to be excited for Episode Nine. If anything it will have some extra cheese in it compared to the films preceding it, but that’s OK. It wont have any Jar Jars. So don’t slice your wrists with a lightsaber just yet. It will be a great flick.

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